Blog #6

Human beings have a different thought every 1.2 seconds, that is amazing!  Most people don’t even realize that a lot of those thoughts are negative.  We all have self talk, a great example would be if someone complimented you on your figure and you told them, “Thanks, but I look huge today”  Years ago, I could not take a compliment, they would say something positive to me and I would say something negative back.  I had to retrain myself from automatically thinking or saying a criticizing remark.

That was one of the steps that I took to heal cancer, instead of saying, “Poor me, or Why me”  I said, “I am here to stay in a new way”  I was ready to fight a war that I knew that I was going to win.  I started to visualize myself looking and feeling healthy and full of life.  I smiled everyday, even though I was in pain, I had a deep desire to live and fight!

I re-invented myself, I dusted myself off and woke up!  When something bad happens in your life, you can’t go back and erase it.  You have to keep moving forward and don’t look back.  Stop replaying it over and over again, causing undue emotional stress.  When you keep that visious cycle going, that emotional stress turns into physical stress, then it may turn into a disease or some other illness.  We must keep our minds clear of negative “Mental Clutter”

Keeping a positive attitude is so important for human growth, it’s good for your soul!  Try to smile a couple of times a day, even though you may not want to.  By doing this, it will become a good habit and you will find yourself smiling all of the time.  All of my life my nickname was and still is “smiley”, I have smiled myself through life!  In fact, you will attract happy, positive people into your lives.  “Like attracts Like”, did you ever notice that when you are in a bad mood, the rest of your day falls apart?  If you are constantly complaining, you bring other people down and attract more negative people into your life.  When you continue to have conflicts with other people, you actually hate something about yourself and you put that hatred and anger on other people.  That’s why it is so important o love who and what you are, when you love yourself, you can love others.  Deep down we are all fragile beings.  Some people may have a hard exterior, but on the inside they are like a delicate flower.


*Thank God for your life

*Be Grateful, Thankful, and Gracious

*Start a Gratitude Journal

*Use positive affirmations – you can say “My body is healthy, whole and complete” or “I love life and life loves me”  I say this one almost everyday.  Say whatever makes you feel good, you can write it on a card and put it where you will see it everyday.

*Hang around other positive people, their positive vibes will rub off on you.  It’s the same if you hang around someone that eats right and exercises, in time you will want to do the same

*Do something nice for someone else


*Think about people, pets or things that you love

When I was going through my troubles, I knew deep down in my heart that I was going to beat it.  I knew that I was transforming myself.  I remember when I had to endure very painful procedures, I would tell the nurse that, before they started, that I had to go to my “Quiet Place”  They always looked at me as if I were crazy.  I would visualize myself on a sandy white beach, the palm trees swayed in the gentle breeze.  I could almost smell the salty ocean and feel the warm sun on my face.  When I did this, I said to myself, “I feel no pain”  it actually worked!  I either felt no pain or less pain then I was expected to feel.

Our bodies are so strongly connected to our minds!  I know that some of you may think that this may sound  strange, but it worked for me.  I changed the way I thought and it saved my life!  When you have negative thoughts or affirmations, your body becomes stiff and acidic.  Also holding onto anger and self pity is terrible for you.  I used to hold grudges and hold my emotions in, I would end up with chest pains.  It has taken me years to finally realize that holding in my negative emotions was killing me.  Forgiveness will set you free, when you forgive it feels like a brick has been lifted off of your chest.  “Let love in your life and your life will change”

When you eat a healthy diet, you are more inclined to have a positive attitude, due to the fact that you feel good most of the time.

“When your mind and body feel good, you feel good”

“I wish all of you, Love, Joy, Peace, and a Positive outlook”!


If you would like a great site to use guided Imagery, Glenda Cedarleaf has CD’s designed for people with illnesses like cancer, Lyme disease, and more.  Here are the links:

Glenda Cedarleaf





Blog #5

People may think that spices are only good for adding to food, but some of them do so much more.  Turmeric is one of the cancer fighters that I use on my food everyday!  It adds flavor while putting a sucker punch on cancer.

Turmeric is a common spice also known as saffron, it is in the Curry family.  It is rich in curcumin, this is what combats cancer.  It has been shown to inhibit tumors of the skin, colon, and breast.  Also, it is a powerful anti-inflammatory, making it an awesome wrinkle fighter.  *Turmeric is safe when used as a spice, but if you are taking it in supplement form, do not use when you are pregnant, have gallstones, (it stimulates the gallbladder), and ulcers.  Also, it should be used in caution by anyone taking anti-coagulant medications, with blood disorders, or for anyone recovering from or contemplating surgery. (Turmeric and garlic can slow clotting time).

I add turmeric and curry in stir fries, beans and soups, it leaves a nice flavor, but too much can leave a bitter taste.

“Never be afraid to try new spices, they can spice up your life”

Eat Right For your Life,