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After you eat a meal, do you feel bloated and uncomfortable?  I used to feel like that all of the time until I found out that I was mis-combining my foods.  What happens is when you eat a protein with a carbohydrate, the carb digests quickly and the protein will digest much slower.  When you eat proteins (meat, poultry, cheese, fish, eggs, milk, nuts) they produce acid juices for their digestion.  When you have carbs like bread, pasta, cereals, flour, biscuits, etc. and starchy vegetables such as potatoes, yams and sweet corn, they digest quickly and require different enzymes to proteins.

When you eat them together, the competing enzymes and digestive juices will fight and neutralize each other.  The result is that food doesn’t get digested properly and rots inside the gut, causing gas, bloating, heartburn, stomach pains, indigestion and drained energy.  When I miscombined, I had all of these symptoms.  Now, I just have to work on the over eating!

Salads, non-starchy vegetables, roots, seeds, herbs, spices, these can be combined with the protein group or with the carb group.  Fruit should be eaten on it’s own, it digests at the fastest rate.

There should be 4 groups:

Group 1 Proteins – Cheese, Eggs, Nuts, Fish, Meat, Milk, Poultry, Shellfish, Soybeans, tofu, and Yogurt.

Group 2 – Carbohydrates – Grains, including oats, pasta, rice, rye, millet, grain products, cookies, bread, cakes, crackers and pastry, honey, maple syrup, potatoes and starchy vegetables, sugar and sweets.

Group 3 – Non-Starchy Vegetables – Salads and fresh herbs, seeds, butter, cream, spreading fats like Olive oil (cold pressed), Herbs, spices and seasonings.

Group 4 – All Fruit



Grain with dairy or meat = Gas

Fruit with veggies = Gas

Fruit with meats = Gas

Fruit with grain or dairy = Gas


Fruit by itself = Proper digestion

Grain with vegetables = no gas

Pasta with vegetables = no gas

Beans with vegetables = no gas

Fish or meat with vegetables = no gas

Pulses/beans and grains = no gas

*Beans have a mixture of starch and protein which may seem to be a problem, but starch is dominant in most beans with the exception of soy and navy beans.  You can combine most beans with grains as well as salads and veggies.

Fruit must always be eaten on it’s own, especially on an empty stomach.  If not on an empty stomach, then at least 30 minutes away from other food groups.  If you eat fruit after a meal, it just gets stuck behind all of the other food that takes longer to digest, so it will ferment in the gut.  Thats when you can expect the bloating, gas, and indigestion.

*Never mix melons with other fruits, they digest the fastest!

Leave 2 hours after a carbohydrate meal before eating protein.  Leave 3 hours after a protein meal before eating carbs.  Protein takes 4 hours to reach the bowel, and carbs take 2 hours from mouth to bowel.

I have been eating like this for about 5 years and it was difficult.  It takes time and practice, it is easy to slip up.  But when you do, you will feel better!

When food combining is done properly, you will:

*Help your body to burn fat more efficiently

*Ensure the maximum absorption of nutirents, enzymes and proteins

*Prevent burping, bloating, gas and indigestion

*Generally correct or prevent most issues connected with obesity

When you combine everything, you will:

*Make complete digestion impossible

*Upset digestive enzymes

*Prevent nutrient uptake

*Risk a host of ills, including bloating, heartburn, indigestion, malabsorption, constipation, cramps, irritable bowl syndrome, and gas.

When you combine the right foods together, it gives your body a chance to break down the food effectively.  When you miscombine, your body is always working hard digesting.  A great perk that comes along with good food combining is that when the body is not over worked, it allows the body to burn fat efficiently.  When your body holds on to undigested food, it gets turned into fat balls of toxins and celluite.  We all know how hard it is to get rid of  pesky celluite!

I went through it, I always wandered why I had stomach pain, heart burn, and bloating after eating.  After I stopped mis-combining the pain went away.

Some information has been taken from the book “You Are What You Eat” By, Dr. Gillian McKeith

“Life is too short to waste it eating junk, feed it right and your body will treat you right”





Blog #3

Chemo ravishes your body, it kills your good and bad cells.  It is so vital that you protect your immune system with a very clean diet.  You have to protect yourself from the inside out.  We have an internal healing system in our bodies, it is our immune system.  Your body knows how to heal itself, if you give it what it needs to flourish.  A strong immune system is a force to reckon with!

We all have cancer cells in our bodies, that is why a strong immune system is essential.  I changed my bad emotional and physical habits and evolved into a new healthy person.  Your diet is the first place to start, your diet can help spread cancer, slow it down or even reverse it.  That’s when I made a choice to become a partial vegetarian, to tell you the truth, I was not excited by the idea at first.  I loved all of my beloved junk food, got excited by the thought of ice cream and cake.  I had to start slow to rid myself of the sugar addiction.  Week by week, I gave up processed, sugar infested junk.  My poor family had to deal with the “Rath of Carol” I was moody and yelled at who ever was in my path.  Finally, I weaned myself from the grips of sugar and felt great.  *When you are detoxing your body of sugar, you may get side effects like:  Headaches, dizziness, break out in rashes, and even get pimples.  When your body gets a break from junk, it pumps out the toxins through your skin*.


VEGETABLES – They are rich in antioxidants and anti-cancer nutrients, have a preferred lower glycemic index, and are rich in cleansing fiber.  Best categories of vegetables are:

Look for a rainbow of colors: Beets, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, squash and more.  The deeper the color the more phytochemicals.

The Cruciferous Family – Cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower.  These are the vegetables that will detox and give cancer a run for its money.  Broccoli and cabbage are my favorite of the bunch, but I do try to eat all of them several times per week.

Allium Family – Onions and garlic contain bioflavonoids, like quercetin, that can actually revert a cancer cell back to a healthy cell.  This is so exciting, all it takes is to just cook with these everyday and you will have a strong arsenal of protection.

Cold Water Fish – Salmon, haddock, halibut, bass, cod, mackerel, sardine, and tuna are loaded with anti-cancer fats, which slow down the spreading of cancer, stimulate immune functions, and contain trace minerals from the sea.  Due to mercury content, avoid tilefish, swordfish, king, mackerel, shark, red snapper, and orange roughy.  I eat right for my blood type and some of these fish are not on my diet.  I do eat salmon, cod, tuna and tilapia.

Legumes – Soybeans, garbanzo, kidney beans, pinto beans, and many others.  I love beans, you can use them in so many meals, cold or hot.  They provide you with needed fiber that cleans waste out of your body.

Whole Grains – Oats, rice, millet, amaranth, buckwheat, barley, corn, rye, and wheat all contain components that can help stem the cancer deterioration.  Todays wheat may not have a healthier gluten content.  I have given up wheat and white flour because it is congesting to me and the white flour is not good for you.  When you eat white flour, it turns into a paste inside your stomach.  When I think of it that way, it makes me avoid it!

Sea Vegetables – Like kelp, including dulse, nori, wakame, and other varieties is rich in anti-microbial agents that keep pathogens from invading our guts.  Kelp has a special soluble fiber that carries harmful fats, pro-oxidants, hormone residues, and other toxins out of the gut.  I am not going to lie, it is an acquired taste.  My family and I eat Miso soup which contains different kinds of seaweed and we also enjoy seeweed salad.

Berries – Raspberries, blueberries, boysenberries, strawberries, dark cherries, and blackberries lay a powerful anti-cancer agent, ellagic acid, which causes cancer cells to self destruct.  Now, how Awesome is that?   A couple times per week, I will make a mixed berry smoothie with ground flaxseed.  This is a powerful drink that not only kills cancer cells but will give your body a speedy  delivery of nutrients.

Yogurt – Gives you a dose of healthy bacteria which your body needs, especially when you are taking anti-biotics.  *Do not take an anti-biotic the same time as the yogurt because the yogurt will cancel out the medicine.  Wait 2 to 3 hours.  Yogurt can fortify the body’s defenses against infections and cancer.  *Please check the sugar content and lean towards a healthier yogurt without the artificial colors and additives.

Green and White Tea – Are loaded with antioxidant, they help normalize pre-cancerous cells.

Seasonings – Mustard, curry, hot peppers, salsa, cinnamon, garlic, onions, ginger, sage, rosemary, and thyme.  These seasonings add delicious flavors and therapeutic anti-cancer and immune stimulating ingredients.  I have been cooking with curry, turmeric and sea salt for a couple of years.  I even sprinkle Turmeric and garlic on my dogs food, they are great for inflammation.  My 11 year old lab Peanut still jumps and runs like he is a young puppy!  *One thing that I have learned is, do not use too much Turmeric, it will leave a bitter after taste.

Clean Water – It is so important to drink water to cleanse your body and help push out waste!  Too many people these days are deficient in water, one way to tell if someone is dehydrated is to look at their skin.  If it looks dry and wrinkly that person is dehydrated, your skin needs to be hydrated.  Believe me, I am not a big water drinker, I have to remind myself to drink.  If I don’t drink enough, I feel dizzy and out of sorts.  *Watch out if you drink out of water bottles, the plastic leaches into the water, so never freeze your water bottle or leave it in a hot car.  I still drink out of water bottles when I am in a rush, I have to plan ahead and fill my stainless steel water bottle.  Also, try to stay away from aluminum water bottles, the aluminum also will leach into your drinking water.

Some of the above information has been taken from the book “Beating Cancer With Nutrition” By Patrick Quillin with Noreen Quillin  This was one of the first books that I purchased when I was battling cancer.  If you only get one book, this should be the one!  It is over flowing with life saving information and healthy recipes.

One of the most important changes that I did on my journey was to incorporate Juice Plus into my life and my families lives.  A former church member told me about Juice Plus and I sprang into action and started taking it.  Juice Plus is a whole food supplement, it is not a juice.  They juice the fruits and veggies and reduce them down to a powder and then put into capsule form.  An adult will get 17 fruits,vegetables, and grains per day.   They come in capsules, gummy form and chewables.  It does not matter if you already eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, the more the merrier!  It would be hard and expensive to eat and buy 17 fruits and vegetables per day.   You can go to to get more information, click on About listed on the top left of my blog, then click on the decorative box to the left of eatrightforyourlife, then click on the whole food supplement link.  My family and I have been taking Juice Plus for about 8 years and we all feel great!  When I was going through my treatments, I did not look like a typical cancer patient, the nurses and doctors told me that I still had color on my face and life in my eyes.  Juice Plus was a God send to me and my family and the person that introduced me to it!

Remember to start slow, a little change is better than no change at all! Also, when you start eating new vegetables and fruits you may need to take an enzyme to break down your food.  Beano is also a good food enzyme, especially when you are eating beans.  We need to give our precious liver a break.  The liver is essential for the proper digestion and absorption of vitamins and minerals.  If you want to lead a healthy life, your liver must be in tip top condition.  Even if you overeat with healthy food you can cause acid in your body and your liver will be over worked.

To Detox or Not to Detox – Detoxing your body is very important, it cleans out all of the junk and waste in your body.  It actually gives you a chance to start over again, but you have to maintain a clean diet.  We have to clean out the old to let the new in.  We must heal ourselves from the inside out.  The nice perks that come with detoxing is:  You can loose weight, you will gain more energy, you will feel great.  *When you detox, your body may go through some changes, if you have a really poor diet, you will feel sick.  Don’t give up, this is your body working hard to get rid of all of the crap, I am speaking literally.  You may break out, get rashes, feel sluggish.  Then after your cleanse, your body will reward you with a lighter, healthier, more energetic body.  Your skin, hair and nails will look better and you will feel younger.  I will be 45 at the end of this month and I still feel like I am 25 years old!  I love life and so can you!

There are many different ways to detox your body – You can buy an herbal kit and take the pills for about a week or so.  This is the kind that I use – pill form.  I personally do not fast, it is a good idea to give your body a break from food.  During a fast, you would just drink liquids all day, like soup broths, veggie drinks, etc.  Another way is by dry brushing – you can purchase a Yerba Skin brush, this is a brush specifically used to brush your skin.  Please do not use any other kind of brush or use it on wet skin, you can tear your skin.  You must be very gentle when brushing your skin, you start at the bottom of your feet and always brush towards the heart.  By dry brushing it releases the toxins through your lymph nodes, it actually makes them work faster.  You can buy a book about dry brushing, or just google “Dry Brushing”  to get the proper instructions.  I use a Yerba skin brush and I have learned the hard way to be gentle and not rush. If you brush your skin too hard it will leave brown spots in softer areas on your skin, like on your arms.  Never brush your breasts, face, neck or genitals.

I hope that this has helped anyone that is battling cancer or someone that is struggling to eat a healthier diet.  As always, I wish you all the best of health, happiness and joy!