My name is Carol Joy Knizek, I am 45  years old and I have reversed my second cancer with a very clean diet, a positive attitude, exercise and the will to live.

I am going to blog once per week about my journey to help those of you who have or have had cancer to change your life for the better.  I have been there, now I am here to help you!  It was very confusing to me before I perfected my anti-cancer way of life.

It all started when I was seven months pregnant with my second son.  I noticed a small, movable lump on my right breast.  I chalked  it up to me being very cystic.  As I approached my eighth month, the lump poked out through my skin and felt like a hard marble.  It seemed to root itself down.  I began having pain and numbness that shot down my right arm.  As my pregnancy progressed so did the lump.  I was very concerned for my baby and myself, I called my doctor and she told me that I would have to get a mammogram after my baby was born.

On January 4, 2004 my beautiful baby boy was born through a C-Section he was a spunky little fire ball that warmed my heart.  I was so thankful and grateful that he was healthy!  I pushed that dreaded lump in the back of my mind.  Deep down in my heart, I knew that it was breast cancer.  I couldn’t say the word, the thought of it made me sick to my stomach.  I did not want to put additional stress on my family at that time.  Instead, I focused on my baby and the healing of my C-Section.  I stupidly waited eight months, I could not pretend that the lump was not there.  I got a mammogram and had a biopsy done.  The tumor was removed and I was sent home to heal.  My follow up appointment came fast, as I sat in my general surgeons office wondering what was going to become of me.  Was it going to be cancer?  Was my life going to change for the better or for the worse?  Crazy thoughts buzzed through my mind.  My doctor came in with a stack of papers in his hands and he did not look happy.  He sat down beside me and looked into my eyes and told me that I had a stage 3 breast cancer.  After I heard the word cancer, I saw his mouth moving but did not hear another sound.  I looked at my husband holding my eight month old son, and thought about my 5 year old in pre-K.  What were they going to do if I died?  How was I going to tell a 5 year old that I had cancer?  Everything was going in slow motion, my husband sat there motionless with shock written all over his face.

My doctor told me that there were a lot of options and treatments for my kind of cancer, it was more of a common one.  He also told me that I had a better chance of getting killed by a chicken truck.  That did lighten the mood and I was thankful for it.  I left his office wondering what I was going to do.  I ended up getting a Mastectomy with a reconstruction.  This was a year long process, but I kept strong and smiled my way through everything.  I endured 4 rounds of aggressive chemo therapy that left me sick, weak and bald.  Not even 14 months later, I noticed another lump on my right side again.  This time is was more towards my arm pit.  I did not waste anytime, I got the tumor removed and was told that it was cancer again.  My doctors urged me to do chemo again, I refused and opted to heal myself naturally.  I used a very clean diet, a positive attitude and the will to live.  I went out there and read everything pertaining to healing and preventing cancer.  I was on a mission to save my life!  I wanted to see my boys grow up, I wanted to see my grand children grow up!  I felt empowered and was ready for action.  My doctors were not happy with me, but deep down I knew that more doses of chemo would kill me.  I got monthly tumor marker blood tests done.  As it turned out, I was cancer free, I had reversed my cancer with my new found  knowledge, my doctors, and my naturopath, and my never give up attitude!

I lead a partial vegetarian life, I have given up all meat except, fish and turkey.  I have also given up dairy, sugar,  and all bread.  I also eat right for my blood type.  I am not going to lie, it was hard as hell for me to give up the stuff that I loved.  But the love of my family outweighed the love of food.  I often say to myself, “It is only food”  I ended up learning how to cook healthier meals, to try things that I never tasted before.  It got exciting to me, now I taste the true flavors in food, it’s not masked by junk.  I am now a forever label reader, if you cannot pronounce the word and it has a long shelf life, avoid it like the plague.

I feel that it is my calling to reach out to help others change their  lives.  I have been there and know what you are going through.  I have evolved into a new person, my heart, soul, mind and body are changed forever.

Currently, I am looking for a way to enroll in an on-line natural college to become a certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant.  In all, I have had 7 surgeries and cancer twice, life can get rough sometimes, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.



Please check out my second blog “SUGAR AIN’T SWEET”  Also, I refused chemo because it was my own personal choice.  I am not telling people to go out and do what I did, it all depends on what kind of cancer it is and how aggressive it is.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. virginia russell
    Apr 09, 2011 @ 16:35:22

    dear Carol, thank you for this most moving, inspiring, written from the soul blog. your courage is palpable. The information is invaluable, but it is your own commitment to live, to “Heal Thyself”, that stirs the reader to also take courage, to ACT, to re-train one’s self in the name of healthy living. Thank you, too, for admitting that the journey is not easy, that giving up sugar is a gradual and tough road sometimes, but you make so very clear that there is a whole “new world” that opens up to us when we learn to substitute healthy foods for our addiction to sugars. It was such a joy to meet you on my tour of the healthy pool and all yesterday. I can’t wait for all your blogs. joyfully, Virginia


  2. Carol Knizek
    Apr 10, 2011 @ 20:20:05

    Thank you so much Virginia for your kind words, YOU inspire me to keep blogging.

    Warm Regards,



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